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Southern Belles: Louisville Ends With A Shocker!

The season finale of Soapnet’s Southern Belle: Lousville ended tonight with quite a shocker. We first find out Kellie decided to stay in Louisville rather than movie to Chicago with her boyfriend, Jeff. Kellie decides to end her pattern of depending too much on the men in her life. Was very happy to see Kellie make this choice. Something about Jeff just doesn’t come off right. He seemed a bit cold in my opinion when telling Kelly he did not want to have children with her in the past episodes. Julie decides to take charge of her life, and asks a younger guy out. The show says they two are still dating. Emily breaks the news of moving to Vegas to her father, who finally gives her his blessing. Hadley finally sees what we all see in Russ and decides to end things with him. We also find out Hadley and Kellie will be working together on Kelly’s new dating business – “Dating Sucks.” The show definitely saved the best for last when we see a much thinner Shea tearfully talks about her heartbreak. Shea informs us that she found out her fiance, Jeff, was cheating on her the same week her mother died. To makes things worse, Jeff was with the other woman the night her mom was being buried. This was quite a shocker. Though I had heard the rumors that the engagement was over, I did not expect it to be due to infidelity. The two seemed so loving together, especially when Shea gave in and agreed to get the big house Jeff wanted. There is another big rumor going around that the woman Jeff cheated with was Katie King. The same Katie that Hailey was campaigning for in earlier episodes. I’m not certain on the accuracy of this. Others are saying Jeff is still with the woman he cheated on Shea with, whomever that might be. I really felt for Shea tonight. Having to bury her mother and cancel her wedding in the same week. According to the show, Jeff refused to appear on camera to talk about what happened.


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