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OC Housewives’ Slade Smiley In Fight With Jay Photoglou?

TMZ is reporting that Slade Smiley of The Real Housewives of Orange County, also known as Gretchen Rossi‘s current boyfriend, is being investigated for allegedly hitting someone during a party.

The Laguna Beach PD is looking into an altercation Slade allegedly got into at a friend’s birthday party back on July 15. The person accusing Slade of hitting him is allegedly none other than sleazeball Jay Photoglou.

Jay is Gretchen’s ex, and has spent the last year leaking photos of he & Gretchen online, while trying his hardest to make himself famous. Gretchen has accused Jay of stalking her, and even filed a restraining order against Jay earlier this year. Can’t blame Slade for wanting to knock his teeth out, if the story is true.

According to TMZ, “there was a pushing and shoving match” that led to the other guy leaving the party. The hotel where the party was being held did not call the cops that night and neither did the other guy … until eight days later.

In other news, the sleaze known as Jay Photoglou refuses to go away. According to this report, he will be appearing on an E! network special about the Real Housewives franchise titled “So True So False Real Housewives Scandals.” And yeah, you guessed it, he will be there to talk about Gretchen. Sighs.

The show is suppose to be airing on E! on August 5th. I have been unable to find any information about it on E!’s website or the TV guide listings. Will be on the look out for it though.


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