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Big Brother’s Russell Kairouz: I Have No Regrets

Posted in Big Brother by Reality Tea on September 1, 2009
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One of the most controversial houseguests in Big Brother history, Russell Kairouz, is speaking out about his time in the Big Brother house. The 24-year-old mixed martial artist was known for his in your face aggressive game play on BB. Russell touted himself as, “the best combination of intelligence, strength, and charisma.”

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Russell speaks out about who has played the best game so far, how a banana slipped him up and why he has no regrets. Below are excerpts from this interview –

Did you really think that you could flip Kevin and have him vote against Natalie?
Yes, I did think I could flip Kevin because I’m a stronger competitor than Natalie and I didn’t see why he wouldn’t have wanted me as an ally because she has not won anything.

Jeff has been solidly in control, but Kevin is coming along as the dark horse. Who has played the best game so far?
So far, Kevin is playing the best game. He’s stayed under the radar and has avoided all conflict.

What’s the singular moment where it all went horribly wrong for you?
There wasn’t a singular moment … I just didn’t win the OTEV Power of Veto … damn banana with Laura’s name on it. My game play was perfect up to that point.

Do you have any regrets about making Ronnie cry, threatening Jeff or verbally abusing Jordan?
Not at all. They all signed on the BB dotted line and knew what they were getting in to when they went into the BB house. If they don’t have a tough skin, that’s not my fault.

You had a noble purpose to win — you wanted to give the money to your parents. Do you think your mom and dad are proud of the way that you treated the women on the show?
I did not separate anyone on the show by race, gender or religion. Everyone was an equal game player in my mind and subject to the same game play from me. Anything that went on during the game was strategy and an attempt to use to my advantage … My persona on the show was a character [and ] in no way a true representation of me. My family is well aware of this.

What would you have done differently?
I would have withheld some information that I knew about people.

Who are you going to stay in contact with? why?
Jessie and Casey. They were my two closest relationships in the house.

You are joining Lydia and Jessie in their love nest that is the Jury house. How prepared are you to be the third wheel?
I’m ready to become the third wheel … I don’t have a strategy on how to manage the next few days, but it’s all good. I’ll be hiding my sweaters for sure.


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